McDonald’s Team Up With PayPal

McDonald’s Team Up With PayPal To Test Mobile Payments in 30 Restaurants Purchase your burgers with a few clicks on your mobile phone and be out the door at McDonald’s much faster. According to

Pay With PayPal like Disover

Pay With PayPal At Places Where Discover Is Accepted Those who remained unmoved by PayPal’s recent changes this year sat up and took notice of PayPal’s latest announcement. PayPal plans to partner with Discover,

PayPal Makes Smartphones Much Smarter

PayPal Here Makes Smartphones Much Smarter Anyone who’s even conducted any sort of business online would have heard of Paypal’s online payment system. Their logo can be seen on prominent sites as one of

PayPal Gets A Makeover

PayPal Gets A Makeover PayPal’s new homepage might have caused many to wonder if they landed on the wrong site but no it’s a complete redesign and it’s long overdue. The new site was rolled

PayPal Takes Over Mobile Payment Firm

PayPal Takes Over Mobile Payment Firm PayPal did an about turn and purchased the Cardio who they once paid to use their technology. According to PayPal’s vice president of global products, Hill Ferguson,


What is PayPal? Paypal is a payment processing system that will offer you ways of managing the money that you use to spend online. Paypal works with many online merchants and you can use