Its not Bingo Cafe, Its Coffee Shop Bingo

Coffee Shop bingo may sound like an online bingo site, but in actuality that description couldn’t be further from the truth. Lisa Christine, the creator of Coffee Shop Bingo is trying to patent an idea that could in the long run turn out to be a very successful business venture for the lady from Lakewood.

Americans drink over four hundred million cups of coffee each day, and the idea that they could be playing bingo whilst enjoying their favourite cup of Joe is something that struck Lisa Christine early on. The creator, a former pre-school teacher with a background in marketing aims to bring a fun and exhilarating bingo experience to those drinkers who just pop by for a cup of coffee.

The idea behind the game is that it works essentially exactly like bingo, albeit without numbers. Instead a bingo card will feature twenty five pictures at random that players need to be seeking whilst drinking their coffee.

Keeping an eye out for the symbols is the easiest thing to do in the coffee shop it is thought, as many coffee revellers continuously fiddle about with their phones, i-pods or children Christine has revealed.

Similarly to the standard bingo game, when a player has checked out five symbols in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern they will win the game. All of the bingo cards also come equipped with a blank box that could be used for anything that pops up that isn’t originally on the player’s bingo card. This lucky bonus box is paramount to the new games significance.

The “just for fun” game comes in the form of a $5.50 download made payable via PayPal and is certain to attract a large crowd of coffee shop goers seeking something entertaining to do whilst out and about.