Cozy Games – The best game in town

Cozy games have been producing top innovative games and programs for the online gambling community for over seven years. Ever since 2005, Cozy Games have produced quality bingo, video slots, table games, scratch cards, progressive jackpot slots and instant win casino games for their clients depending on what particular market a given client is looking to break into.

Aside from developing small market games for their clients, Cozy Games have recently allied themselves to other major games developers to bring their brands into the Cozy Games portfolio. The quality of games on offer from Cozy Games is only matched by their availability across three differing platforms.

Cozy Games releases can be played on the online, mobile and social platforms. This makes for an exciting realm of possibilities no matter what platform it is that the client deems necessary for their business to work.

Aside from producing games, Cozy Games also likes to dip their fingers into others arenas. Through Cozy Games, clients can have access to customizable gaming solutions  for all their titles, as well as the ability to manage the costs of their programs, have a high quality of service and an excellent security protocol to protect the sites using the Cozy Games network.

Their slogan of “the best game in town” is designed to emphasize the skill and effort that this online gambling provider puts into each of their releases and their desire to set a standard in online gaming and make the online gaming experience enjoyable for each player playing one of their games.

Several top online gambling sites use Cozy Games software, including Landmark Bingo, Casinos Austria and Play Phone. Cozy Games also uses their three platforms of playability to provide games on social networking sites like Facebook, where their message can be spread further across gamers on a global scale.

At present their catalogue is not terribly exhaustive, with a mere five bingo games, eight casino games, twelve scratch cards and seventy slot games comprising it. The excess of slot games isn’t uncommon in the modern online casino world, and it is generally fair to say that online slots are the most commonly played online gambling game out on the market at the minute.

Cozy Games operates out of Malta despite being a UK limited company. Their multi lingual and multi currency software might well be in demand, but for the moment at least there are far too many alternative companies offering just as good if not better programs. Whilst Cozy Games may not exactly be well known, that should not give them a negative image. It is all about quality and not quantity, and there limited library does in deed ensure that they are at least amongst the “best games in town.”