Facebook Bingo apps

Where to play bingo on Facebook

Facebook has been equipping itself with every kind of application and game that is popular to the is growing masses of followers recently, and now bingo too can be found on the world largest social networking website.

There are plenty of forms of bingo available to be played on Facebook, but unfortunately none of them are what anyone would call “financially rewarding”.  Because of this limitation the majority of Facebook’s bingo games initially start out as free, but as with most Facebook games, it soon becomes apparent than you’ll need to open your wallet to play with the very best, and you won’t be able to pick up much in return for doing so.

The ultimate downside is that you need to have bingo bucks, or gold coins in order to be able to play certain Facebook Bingo games, and you can only accumulate these by winning games (or Facebook coin jackpots) or buy purchasing coins from the social media website.  And here lies the problem.  You are paying to play an online gambling game that offers no hope of ever being able recoup your hard earned cash.  Unless you are playing on of the completely free games, it is in short, a rip off.

With both seventy five and ninety ball versions available on the website, Facebook Bingo users may indeed find the games enjoyable, although for most of us, at best they represent nothing more a way to hone your skills before playing real bingo at proper online bingo sites in hope of pocketing your money back through jackpot wins.  This form of entertainment is primitive at best, and represents yet another attempt by Facebook to cash in on a popular craze.  The sad thing is, most people won’t realize that the bingo games offered are all for fun, and will fork out in the hope of winning other peoples money.  They will be taken for mugs.

Facebook Bingo Apps

Facebook Bingo is not the only form of online bingo you can play on the popular social networking website however.  Facebook’s partner, Zynga has released a bingo game of their own that has over 404,000 likes but like most Zynga games, this bingo site costs players far more than it rewards them, which is very unfortunate because ultimately it is very well designed.

Ghetto Bingo is another alternative form of bingo that can be played on Facebook, albeit by more continental European players.  Unfortunately there aren’t too many well known brands on Facebook, yet Foxy Bingo, Gala Bingo and Tombola Bingo all have Facebook pages that readers can explore and discover more about their prospective games, but for the most part, there are no major bingo games available on Facebook…yet!