Free Bingo

Nothing in life comes for free. That is a lesson everyone knows. Well, maybe some things in life are almost for free, depends on how you look at it. Free bingo is one of those wonderful things that can be counted on anyones wish list. Is free bingo really free? Lets have a look at what it means and how can players take the best advantage of it.

What is Free Bingo?

All bingo sites have some free feature offered to players. The oldest one is the no deposit bingo bonus which allows free game following sign up, and doesn’t require any deposit or credit card details. The bonus is used to try out the site. But this is only one form of bingo for free. There are more elaborate and up to date options.

One of them is the absolutely free bingo rooms where players who did play for real can enjoy 24hr open bingo rooms for free (sometimes with a limited amount of free tickets and sometimes with no limit). These rooms offer real prizes, small though, that can be really won and used. This is a major trend developed in online bingo in the last couple of years, and they compete in the amount of free bingo they can offer as well as the size of the real money prizes.

Another form of free money bingo is bonus tickets or cards given with every purchase of cards in a specific room or game. For example, buying five 10p tickets for a game in a certain room will be awarded with additional five tickets. So it can be regarded as bingo for free (as we wrote in the beginning, nothing is really for free).

Beginning of Free Bingo

Free bingo sites started promoting themselves in 2010 with the first ones being Cheeky Bingo. It offered six free bingo rooms with a real prize of £50. Of course you had to be a real player in order to join the free rooms. The next big one that launched was Red Bus Bingo which started off as a free room by Landmark Bingo but became a site offering real money bingo and many free rooms with cash prizes.

Many bingo sites followed suite and added free bingo rooms to the joy of the players. So now any bingo that respects itself has some free offer or game.

Free Bingo Sites

The following sites also feature free bingo on top of paid bingo:

Bingo on the Box - £15 Free bingo welcome bonus

free bingo

Dream Bingo - £15 Free bingo welcome bonus

free bingo site

Betfred – Free Bingo rooms

free bingo sites