PayPal Gets A Makeover

PayPal’s new homepage might have caused many to wonder if they landed on the wrong site but no it’s a complete redesign and it’s long overdue. The new site was rolled out first to customers in the United States and will eventually make its way around the world to other customers outside the U.S.

Over 40 million people manage their money at so according to PayPal a lot of thought had to go into the redesign. In order words the site was redesigned with only the customer in mind. The goal is to give customers access to the technology in a very secure environment while keeping it as user friendly as possible.

The redesign also brought a massive cleanup of the redundant and often overlooked pages on the old site. Pages that consumers no longer need were removed and more focus has been placed on the ones that provide solutions to the most searched for needs.

PayPal didn’t have to guess at what these needs were. They invested hours in asking the right questions and listening to what customers had to say. The conclusion at the end of this was that for the vast majority of users the needs were very few and simple.

The new site now focuses not on the products that PayPal offers but on the way that customers want to use those products. The login is now more intuitive and the navigation makes it easy for anyone to find what they need quickly and easily.

The new “Explore” link highlights the newest innovations so customers always have the opportunity to learn what’s new at PayPal if they so desire. The best part is that PayPal has now brought themselves much closer to the customers. The new site allows for interaction online which is essential for businesses in today’s market. With secure transactions, innovative technology to send and receive money, ability to process transactions on the fly, readily available customer care and now a user friendly intuitive website there is no doubt that PayPal is miles ahead of the competition.