PayPal and Slots Online

The slot machine player who enjoys the game in the privacy of their own home has the opportunity to skip from one good online casino to the next just with the click of a finger on the keyboard.  So many internet gaming sites offer huge benefits for first time players as well as giving them loads of different exciting slot game choices to play.  The fun thing about playing at home is that you get to stay in your living room, wearing your pajamas while watching your favorite television shows.   This takes the term ‘couch potato’ to a whole new level!

Each individual site has set up easy payment methods.   Although using a credit card is tempting, this means that the money spent has yet to be paid for by you.   Using a ‘money’ account such as Pay Pal allows you to deposit funds into the account and spend only what has been allotted for gaming.  For instance, if you feel comfortable spending £50 a month playing slots, put that money in your Pay Pal account and use it when you want to.  When you win playing slots, you can have the site deposit the money back into your Pay Pal account just as easily.   Using an account such as Pay Pal keeps you from overloading a credit card and getting yourself in hot water.

Where to play slots?

Bet Fred, Virgin and Paddy Power are some of the sites that allow Pay Pal payments.  They have oodles of different kinds of slots to play from movie genre themes to the basic fruit machines.   Some of the machines allow you to play as little as 10p per play all the way up to £50.   Of course once a slot player always a slot player but if you feel like venturing out into other territories, all three site offer all the casino games such as roulette, video poker, live poker, blackjack and more.  Each site has a little incentive for you to sign up, so why not take advantage and play with house money for starters?

The thing about slots is that there is a promise of finding that pot at the end of the rainbow.  Of course like anything else, the player has to be there at the right time playing the right slot machine.  It does happen and if the thrill of tempting fate and dancing with lady luck puts a smile on your face, by all means, enjoy the simple pleasures in life.   Be advised to us Pay Pal and designate the amount you feel comfortable losing and then shoot for the stars!