PayPal Here Makes Smartphones Much Smarter

Anyone who’s even conducted any sort of business online would have heard of Paypal’s online payment system. Their logo can be seen on prominent sites as one of the many payment option accepted by businesses both big and small. This year Paypal has taken a leap of faith (or a smart business decision) and decided to offer their convenient payment option to offline retailers as well.

Soon the logo that customers have grown accustomed to online will be visible offline as well. This is all made possible by the advances in mobile phone technology that the population has readily embraced. Using a mobile phone to pay for purchases is a revolutionary step in the right direction. Paypal wants to give customers multiple options for payment even when they are not in front of the computer. The newest option is Paypal Here and it lets merchants accept credit card payments right from their phones.

A small triangle shaped dongle which plugs into the headjack of an Android or iPhone makes this payment option possible. Once plugged in all the seller has to do is swipe the customer’s card at the top and the payment is processed on Paypal’s backend. Total security is provided by the encrypted dongle.

An associated app when installed on the Smartphones provides a way for customers to confirm and sign the completed transaction. The app goes one step further by making it possible for the seller to invoice the buyer or take records of cash transactions. Paypal has helped many small businesses online by provided a way for them to accept payments online. They are now providing that same convenience to the local man on the street or those with smaller stores who can now accept payments in a convenient and affordable way.

The Paypal Here dongle is free but a 2.7 percent fee is deducted for every transaction processed. If a merchant prefers not to use the dongle he can use his Smartphone to take a picture of the credit card and the transaction is processed in much the same way.