Sevanska Bingo or Swedish Bingo

Playing bingo in Sweden is growing and sees no slow up in the future.   Apparently since the year 2005, online bingo has generated over 46 billion SEK which is an annual increase of over 10% since 2004.  Forecasting the figures for the years to come show an increase that is phenomenal.  The bingo explosion should show an increase of at least 200% each year.

Bingo sites in Sweden are growing by leaps and bounds.  According to the statistics gathered in Sweden, approximately 80% of the bingo players are women with the primary age group hovering in the 40 – 50 year bracket.   The amount spent by the players commonly reaches the 100 SEK mark with every online login.  And, that login averages several times a week.

The games are sophisticated and allow the player to attempt as many cards as they can afford.  Most online bingo sites offer the option for automatic daubing or a pause option to allow for manual number search and cover.

Television promotes online bingo to its market via advertisements that entice the potential bingo player to give it a try by offering different campaigns for ‘free’ bingo money.  It usually works every time.  Deposit 10 and we will give you 40 seems to be the normal bait used to reel in the players.  One site, Svenskabingo is offered in Swedish only so it allows for private Swedish chat among new and old Swedish bingo enthusiasts.  Along with bingo, this site offers other new and exciting games for their clientele hoping to keep them on board with these games and exciting new promotions every week.  Players can alternate from bingo to poker to casino games all on one site.

Anyone who knows how to navigate the world wide web can find online bingo in Sweden.  Simply use a search engine such as google and use keywords such as online bingo in Sweden.   At the very least the web will show them at least 40 bingo sites with more every day.

Presently The Gamesys Group has launched Jackpotjoy in Sweden.  Although this is a UK bingo brand, it is looking to cull as many players as possible in the Swedish market.  This huge company can offer excellent promotions for their new players and also offer free games during the actual bingo game that give the player added opportunities to win more money.  These games will be question based and will target the Swedish players by using culturally based questions for the Swedes.

According to some online sources at, the Swedish government might consider banning any foreign online gaming sites from us in Sweden.   If this becomes the case, there are several Swedish bingo sites available as mentioned above and it is certain that more will surely enter the fray.   With new technologies at the fingertips of these huge online gambling sites, the player shall surely continue to be offered the best, most entertaining opportunities and safest and most regulated gambling today.